13 Jul 2018

#Entertainment: Amy Lee Confirms #Evanescence Are Planning First Studio Album Since 2011 Read More: Amy Lee Confirms Evanescence Are Planning New Studio Album

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee says the band is in the beginning stages of preparation for the follow-up to their third studio album, 2011’s Evanescence. When it comes out it will be the first record of all-original material from the band in about eight years.

“The plan is for us to work on a new album next,” Lee said in an interview with Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM. “We don’t have a timeline going on right now — we’ve been focused on [the Synthesis] tour and this whole crazy massive thing we’ve been doing. But, yeah, that’s totally the plan. You will hear from us.”

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#News: Apple Launches $300 Million Green Energy Fund in China

Apple Inc will launch a $300 million clean energy fund in China, the firm said in a statement on Friday, working with its suppliers to invest in renewable energy projects that could power close to 1 million homes in the country.
China’s government has made cutting pollution a key priority, putting pressure on local and international firms to help reduce high levels of smog in its major cities and clean up the country’s waterways and polluted soil.

The investment from the iPhone maker, which will be made along with 10 suppliers including Pegatron Corp and Wistron Corp over a four-year period, also comes as the United States and China lock horns over trade.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook earlier this year called for calm heads in Washington and Beijing as the world’s two largest economies have veered towards a trade war and exchanged tit-for-tat tariffs on billions of dollars of goods.

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#INFOGRAPHIC: The Official and Ceremonial Vehicles of 45 World Leaders

The Official and Ceremonial Vehicles of 45 World Leaders

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#Entertainment: Marvel's BLACK WIDOW Film Starring Scarlett Johansson Finally Has a Director.

It looks like Marvel's action-adventure movie Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson reprising her Avengers role, will be directed by a woman.
Australian director Cate Shortland, who is best known for her female-led movies Lore and Berlin Syndrome, will helm to superhero movie, the Hollywood Reporter reported on Thursday.

#News: £50,000 Raised for Baby Khan Balloon, 'Make London Safe Again'

More than £50,000 has now been raised by a campaign to fly a ‘Baby Khan’ balloon in protest against London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan.
The huge reaction has seen plans put forward for a ‘Make London Safe Again’ demo that will see the balloon go up in August.
Organiser Yanny Bruere promises that it will be “YUUUGE”.
It comes as London Assembly Member Peter Whittle has called Khan out for allowing an anti-Trump balloon in Westminster, writing for Westmonster: “No doubt the President will shrug off the protests today by the usual bunch of malcontents. But as spokesman for our capital city, Mayor Sadiq Khan has hugely damaged good relations with our ally by tacitly encouraging these demonstrations and allowing that infantile, puerile blimp to be flown in the heart of Westminster.”

11 Jul 2018

#INFOGRAPHIC: 38 Benefits of Owning A Dog

The Benefits of owning a Dog:
Health Benefits,
Home Security,
Teaches Responsibility,
and More ...

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#INFOGRAPHIC: Your Brain on #Beer vs. #Coffee

Let’s pretend that there aren’t enough half baked metaphors that describe the college experience and try to entertain this one: getting your degree is like walking a tight rope with a beer in one hand and coffee in the other. Even if you don’t drink and aren’t that keen on coffee. Well you really don’t even have to be a college student either. The point I’m trying to make here is that there is a delicate balance concerning when to relax and when to get down to business.
This raises some interesting questions though. With the knowledge that we have about like alcohol and caffeine, despite their drawbacks it seems that there is supposedly a way to responsibly maximize their benefits. If that’s true then it makes you wonder, are we missing our full potential by not taking the right boosters at the right time?

#INFOGRAPHIC: What Is The Internet Of Things? Learn More About How It Affects Your Life

The internet of things is coming to get you! Just kidding — you’ve already fallen into its trap. But that’s not a bad thing. The term sounds vaguely scary, but it just means technology is rapidly changing.
We can connect to the Internet through our phones and computers, but also our refrigerators, thermometers and security systems. A friend purchased a wireless printer that also plays music. I think it’s cool, but I’m also thinking, “Why does it exist?” Music won’t make a printer more efficient, but I suppose it makes the whole experience a little more pleasurable.

And according to this infographic, technology and the Internet only stand to become a bigger part of our lives in the next two years. Experts predict that by 2020, each person will have 26 smart objects, which means that we’ll become even more reliant on technology than we already are. Forget the Roomba or voice-activated stereo systems. Soon, we’ll look like the characters in Wall-E who whiz around on hover chairs and are fed by robot machines.
If you already use that voice-to-text app to send the text messages you’re too lazy to type, then you’ve embraced the internet of things. It’ll only get more interconnected from here. Find out more about the unwritten rules of the Internet.