27 Apr 2011

Android phones are the MOST WANTED, beating iPhone, Blackberry and others

Want an Android phone on your next upgrade? Well, you’re not alone… not by a long shot. According to a survey by Nielsen, when asked which smartphone users would want to buy most on their next upgrade,
the resounding answer was Android. The same survey was done last June – September, showing users wanted (by percentage) iOS (33%), followed by Android (26%), with Blackberry coming in last (13%).
However, this time the results showed:
  1. Android – 31%
  2. iOS – 30%
  3. Blackberry – 11%
  4. Windows Mobile – 6%
  5. Palm / WebOS – 1%
  6. Symbian – 0%
  7. Other – 1%
  8. Unsure – 18%
A 5% jump in consumer demand? Not bad, Google… not bad at all. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.
[via mobileattack]

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