23 Apr 2011

How to login to multiple accounts at the same time (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc...)

Do you have more than one accounts of the same website? Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter perhaps? If you do then you must’ve realized that you can’t log in to your second account without logging off from the first one. In other words you can only access one account at any one time. Frustrating isn’t it? And here is the rest of it.
But hey if you are a Mozilla Firefox browser user there is good news: An add-on called Multifox allows Firefox to access websites using different accounts, simultaneously! Each account will be opened in a new Firefox window, and they won’t interfere with each other.
Multifox works by adding a Profile command (Open Link in New Identity Profile) to context menus of links and bookmarks. It also adds a command to File menu (New Identity Profile).

  1. To open a link or bookmark in a new profile, simply right-click it andselect “Open Link in New Identity Profile”.
    open in new profile
  2. Firefox will open the link in a new window, using a new profile. This new profile is indicated by a number 2 in the address bar.
    multifox second profile
  3. You can then proceed to login to the website with a different username or ID.
  4. You may repeat steps above to create as many profiles as you want.
Each profile will have it’s own unique set of cookies. That means Multifox will remember usernames and passwords associated with each profile. So the next time you open Gmail, say in Profile2 window, it will automatically logs in to Gmail2 account.

Tips for using Multifox

  • To prevent creating unnecessary profiles make sure you fully utilize each profile window (by opening multiple websites in it) before creating the next profile. In other words you use Profile2 to log in Gmail2, Blogger2, Facebook2, Twitter2, Youtube2 etc., instead of logging in to Gmail2 in Profile2, Facebook2 in Profile3, Twitter2 in Profile4 and so on. Well you get the idea.
  • When you start Firefox it will open the session of the last closed profile. So if you want to begin with Profile1 the next time you start Firefox, make sure you quit Firefox with Profile1 window.
You can download Multifox here: Multifox Firefox extension

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