13 Jun 2011

Nomura: Samsung To Become World’s Largest Smartphone Maker This Quarter

Samsung will become the world’s largest smartphone vendor in the third quarter of 2011, replacing beleaguered mobile manufacturer Nokia, which has held top position for the past fourteen years, according to Nomura.
The financial institution believes that Apple will also overtake Nokia, beating the Finnish vendor into second place in the next quarter, after failing to hold back growth of the iOS and Android smartphone operating systems.

Nokia remains the world’s biggest producer of mobile phones, thanks to the popularity of its handsets in emerging markets. The company recently signed a deal with Microsoft to reverse its smartphone fortunes, particularly in North America and Europe, moving away from its Symbian platform.
Samsung was recently rumoured to be considering an offer for Nokia’s mobile division, adding to speculation that Microsoft was also in talks to acquire the company. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop put an end to rumours, stating that reports were “baseless” and Nokia would continue working towards its Windows Phone launches.

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