18 Jul 2011

A5 Overheating Caused iPhone 5 Delay?

Just why did Apple break from its normal release schedule for new iPhone models, choosing to push its next release back to late summer or early fall? With the recent debut of the iPhone 4 on Verizon and the long-delayed white iPhone 4, we thought that Apple might be trying to avoid stealing sales away from those models with the threat of a next-gen iPhone right on the horizon. A new article says there could be a far more technical reason for the delay, pointing to overheating issues with the new A5 chip.

This rumor says that Apple, with its dedication to crafting sleek, streamlined products, came up with an iPhone 5 design that didn't give the dual-core A5 the proper ventilation it needed, leading the prototypes to suffer from overheating-related issues. The report doesn't suggest how Apple might try to remedy the situation, instead talking about the iPhone 5, A5 and all, being put on the back-burner while an iPhone 4S, based on existing iPhone 4 hardware, is prepared for a release in the next few months.

For now, this is just a rumor, but does it foretell a reality we may soon be facing, where we have to choose between thinner and lighter smartphones, or ones with ever-increasing processing might?

Source: Sohu.com (Google translate)
Via: MacRumors

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