19 Jul 2011

Apple Confirms: OS X Lion Launching Tomorrow, July 20th.

Part of our fears have been squashed. During today’s earnings call Apple confirmed that OS X Lion will officially launch tomorrow, July 20th. As of writing it is not known whether Lion will launch simultaneously around the world or staggered based on time zone. No mention of refreshed MacBook Airs, rumored to be launching alongside OS X Lion, has been made (yet).

In other Apple related news: Apple is making a ton of money. Q3 results are pretty astounding with iPhone and iPad sales up 142% (20.34 million) and 183% (3.95 million) respectively. Meanwhile revenue for Q3 is up 82% ($28.57 billion) and profits touching 125% ($7.31 billion).
In short: Apple is killing it.

Via: Apple – Press Release

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