17 Jul 2011

Google+ Cheat Sheet, Helps Users Master The Social Network

Google+ has been the talk of the social media space since its private launch in June. The social network currently boasts over 10 million users even though it’s still invitation only, and over 1 billion items are shared across the site daily. By the weekend, Google+ is expected to hit 20 million users — that’s not even a month after its initial launch.
With all of the talk of Google+ and all of the activity occurring on the site, users still seem overwhelmingly uncertain about how to actually use the service to its fullest potential. For those of you who are in that boat, this Google+ cheat sheet should clear up a few of your questions. For example, private messages are sent to people by only sharing the post with them and disabling the share button.

If a post has a green stamp next to it, it’s public and people who aren’t in your circles can see it. If a post has a blue stamp next to it, it’s only visible to the people in your circles unless it’s shared. If you click the +1 button on a Google+ status update, it won’t show the post on your +1 page, but if you click +1 on a post on the Web, it will.
Check out the rest of the tips below!

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