25 Jul 2011

Google Plus Apps Roadmap: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian

The official Google Plus Blog (which is actually a Google+ account) published a brief roadmap for Google+ mobile apps yesterday.

Here’s what we can expect:
- Google+ for Android updated today (Monday, July 25)
- Google+ for iOS sometime this week. It does not say if this iOS update will let the app work on an iPad
- Google+ for Windows Phone “to debut after Public launch.” I’m interpreting this to mean it will be available when the Windows Phone Mango update is released. This will provide multi-tasking for Windows Phone which can enable greater functionality for an app like Google+
- Google+ for Symbian is “under development”
That last item, a Symbian version, is somewhat surprising. However, there are many millions of Symbian phones in use (mostly Nokia phones). Note, however, what is missing from the list. There’s apparently no near future plan to develop Google+ apps for: HP Palm webOS (TouchPad), BlackBerry OS or QNX (RIM PlayBook). The current Google+ app for iPhone does not even install, let alone work, on an iPad. It will be interesting to see if Google supports the iPad due out in sometime this week.

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