22 Jul 2011

Google+ To Launch Game Network, Offers Developers Bigger Cut Of Revenue Than Facebook

Google is said to be preparing to launch a game network that would be integrated into Google+. The game network would offer developers a larger cut of revenue than Facebook and faster performance for their games.

Google plans to take less than 30 percent of the revenue, according to All Things D. A 30 percent cut is the industry standard that has been established by Facebook and Apple over the last couple of years. Giving developers a bigger share of the cash means that they will be more likely to launch their games on Google’s game network.
In addition, Google will host the games on its own servers and the platform has been described as a native client. It is expected that these technical aspects will create faster gameplay for users, with fewer bugs and shorter loading times that are found on Facebook games.
It is not quite clear when the game network will launch (it could even be later this month) and the details about the revenue-sharing model are still fuzzy. On Tuesday, Google announced the launch of in-app payments which allow developers of apps for Google Chrome to set up in-app purchases. Notably, Google is taking just a 5 percent cut from these, so that might indicate that the search giant is willing to take a relatively small cut of gaming revenue too.
It should also be noted that Google is an investor in Zynga, so it seems likely that if the rumors about the game network prove to be true, then Google+ users will be able to get their “CityVille” or “FarmVille” fix without having to hop over to Facebook. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg is feeling nervous yet.

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