29 Jul 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: What Kind Of High School Student Stereotype Is Your Favorite Social Network?

If social networks were high school students, what kind of kids would they have been? Who would have been voted most popular, most artistic and most likely to succeed? Would Skype and Facebook have been voted class couple?
Earlier in April we brought you the Social Media Class of 2011 yearbook, but now Google+ has moved to town and shaken up Social Media High. According to this infographic by ClassFinders, If Google+ was a high school student, she’d be the hot new girl that has everyone talking. In just 3 weeks the service has garnered over 18 million users — that’s quite impressive.
There are many kids who are popular when they first start at a new school, but will Google+ manage to hold onto her status? It’s hard to tell since visits to the site have dropped since its launch.
Google+ might be the hot new girl, but she has some other popular service to win over or she’ll be eating lunch alone. Facebook is the typical popular guy, voted most social. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone a little too well, but Google+ will probably stay away from him anyway. Twitter is the blabber mouth who won’t stop talking about anything and everything and Last.fm, like we’d all expect, is most artistic. I wonder if Flickr was a close second? Myspace still hasn’t graduated; he’s the super senior who happened to be the prom king in 8th grade. See how fast popularity fades?
Check out the infographic below to see more.

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