18 Jul 2011

Sync Google Plus to Twitter, Facebook & Identi.ca with Agent G

Want to sync your Google Plus updates to other social networks, without having to use a browser extension? There's a new way to do this, called "Agent G," which is actually a special Google Plus user account. Once configured, you can automatically share your Google Plus updates to the social networks of your choice, just by adding "Agent G" alongside the names of the Circles or friends you're sharing a post with on Google Plus.

"Agent G" Syncs Google+ to Other Sites

To use the service, you must first associate Agent G with your preferred social networking services, using OAuth (on Twitter and Identica) and Facebook Connect.  In testing, the service was a little buggy. It took two times to register Agent G with Twitter, three times to register with Facebook, and we're still waiting on Identica. Maybe we weren't being patient enough, but Agent G's developer Saggi Malachi says the registration process should only take seconds. It did not.
Still, even with its kinks, you have to admit - this is a pretty cool idea. And as for the bugs, the source code will be released in just a few days, so crowd-sourced improvements should follow soon after, or so we hope.

How to Use Agent G

To use Agent G, do the following:
  1. Sign in with Identi.ca, Twitter or Facebook on this page: http://gplus.sagg.im. (See the buttons on the upper right of the page.)
  2. Once connected, you will be given an authentication string. Create a Google+ post containing your authentication string and share it only with +Agent G.
    Authentication example
  3. You can now sync Google+ posts to your connected accounts by simply sharing your post with +Agent G
    Sharing example

That's it!
We should note, there's a lag here, as well. In tests, syncs between services took several minutes, which is far from being real-time. As they say, your mileage may vary.

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