19 Jul 2011

Zynga Updates IPO Filing, Adds Google To Investor List

Social gaming company Zynga has updated its IPO filing with a wealth of information, including a list of its investors. At the top of the list is search giant Google.
This marks the first time that Zynga has disclosed Google as an investor in the company. Google is placed at the top of the list of investors ahead of Softbank, Digital Sky Technologies, DAG Ventures and SB Asia Pacific Investments.

It is interesting to see that Google has been placed at the top of the investor list. Perhaps it may have to do with the amount Google has invested in the company (possibly over $100 million, according to AllThingsD) or the percentage of stock that Google holds in Zynga. Of course, it could simply be due to the fact that Google is the biggest name on the list.
Regardless of the reasons, I’m not sure how well the decision to place Google at the top of list will sit with Facebook. Zynga, of course, has a strong relationship with Facebook, which it uses as one of its main platforms for publishing games. Zynga’s most popular game, “CityVille,” is played by more than 90 million Facebook users every month. Facebook and Google have a difficult history with each other. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Facebook had hired a PR firm to smear Google in the press.
Zynga filed the required IPO paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this month. After generating $90.6 million in net profit in 2010, the company earned $11.8 million in net profit in the 3 months to March 31 — up from $6.4 million in the same period last year. Zynga has raised $845 million in total over three funding rounds between February 2008 and February 2011. The company is looking to raise up to $1 billion in its IPO.

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