5 Aug 2011

comScore: Android now 40% of US market

Not long after hearing that almost 50% of the global smartphone market is owned by Android, it’s less of a surprise to hear that Google’s OS now holds 40% of the US smartphone market, according to comScore’s latest report. In the US, 2 out of every 5 smartphones is now running Android. Android’s growth doesn’t look like it will be slowing anytime soon. While not without its issues, Android allows for many different form factors, allowing a consumer to choose the phone that’s right for them without having to sacrifice what’s most important to them when buying a new phone.

While  some may say otherwise, the smartphone market basically consists of iOS and Android devices, and over the past three months, only these mobile operating systems have seen growth. In the past few months, Android grew 5.4% and now holds 40.1% of the US market, where iOS grew 1.1% and comes in at second with 26.6%. The remaining top 5 mobile operating systems all saw decreases in market share, with RIM losing 3.7%, bringing it down to 23.4% of the market. topOS e1312487611654 comScore: Android now 40% of US market

With Windows Phone 7 still struggling to get solid footing in the marketplace, the competition is slowly eating away at the little market share it does have. In March of this year Microsoft consisted of 7.5% of the US smartphone market share but has since sunk to 5.8%. While it was never insanely popular here in the states, Symbian also fell marginally from 2.3% to a flat 2% of the market. The Summer smartphone wars have yet to truly begin and we have even more to look forward to during the fall time as well. According to this report, it really doesn’t matter what time of the year you grab yourself a new smartphone, it will most likely be an Android phone or an iPhone. Then again, we didn’t really need a report to tell us that, did we? Hit up the link below to see the rest of the comScore report!

[Via: comScore]

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