10 Aug 2011

Facebook Launches Messenger, Dedicated Messaging App For iPhone, Android

Facebook has launched a brand new app for iPhone and Android that helps you keep in touch with your friends. The app, which is called Messenger, aims to make it easier and faster for you to message your friends and small groups.
Messenger can be used to contact any of your friends, whether they are on Facebook or in your contacts list on your phone (via SMS). To start a conversation with someone, all you have to do is type their name. The app is an extension of Facebook messages, so you will be able to see all of your texts, emails, chats and messages from conversations with your Facebook friends.

One of the key features of the app is group messaging. You can quickly set up a group conversation and message everyone in that group at the same time. You may choose to add your location to the message thread so that everyone can see where you are located and you can also add photos to the conversation.
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The launch of Messenger comes 5 months after Facebook acquired group messaging app Beluga. The timing of the app’s launch is most interesting as it follows the launch of Google+, which features a mobile group messaging component in the form of Huddle. It remains to be seen what effect Messenger will have on the likes of other group messaging services such as GroupMe and HeyWire.
This is the first official app that Facebook has released outside of its own official Facebook app. However, it may not be the last as details of a dedicated photo-sharing app that Facebook is secretly working on emerged in June.
The app — which is not available at the time of this writing — is being made available on Tuesday. You can find it by searching for “Facebook Messenger” in the App Store or Android Market.

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  1. My only dislike is that I cannot turn off the notification chime when i get messages. My phone lives in silent mode.except when this notifies meDroidx