24 Aug 2011

Facebook Shuts Down ‘Facebook Places,’ Adds Location Tagging To Other Features

When Facebook announced a host of new tools and features earlier Tuesday, the company revealed that it would be integrating location-based data into the broader Facebook experience. As a side effect of this, Facebook is killing off the dedicated Places location-based feature within its mobile apps.
What this means is that you will no longer be able to simply check-in directly to a location on Facebook. Instead, you can add your location to a status update, while tagging any of your friends who may be with you. You can also add your location to photos.

It seems as though Facebook has conceded defeat to Foursquare in the check-in war. I’ve certainly seen far fewer check-ins from my Facebook friends in recent months, compared to when Facebook Places was first launched. On the other hand, Foursquare is growing by leaps and bounds and now has more than 10 million users. It raised $50 million in funding in June and has added several new features recently that aim to get the most out of location-based data, such as events and lists, which both add value to the simple idea of checking-in and telling your friends where you are.
However, given that Facebook has added location-based features throughout its platform — and now allows you to add your location using your computer — the social network is clearly not done with location-based features just yet. Indeed, the company is continuing its Deals service, where you will still be able to view available deals at a place once you have tagged your location in a status update.
A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch that:
Once someone tags where they are on Facebook, they will be directed to the News Feed. If the Place is offering a Check-in Deal, the title of the deal will appear below the News Feed story. You’ll then be able to click on the deal title and will then be taken to the claim flow.
What do you think about Facebook killing off Places? Did you check-in regularly?

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