27 Aug 2011

Google+ Adds ‘Block’ And ‘Ignore’ Features

Ever wondered how to get rid of those annoying people you didn’t want to add on Google+ but felt obliged to? The social network has added 2 new features that let you weed out people from your circles, notifications bar and incoming stream without them knowing about it. This means you’re finally free of that annoying co-worker who overshares on social networks and your old college roommate, who for some reason, types in all caps.

“Ignore,” one of the new options, blocks all of a contact’s posts and notifications about their activities. Plus, you won’t see them in your circles. They’ll still be able to see and comment on your updates but you won’t be able to see their updates and Google+ does not alert users you’ve ignored, so you can do it guilt free.
To ignore someone, all you have to do is hit the “ignore” button next to their name in the notifications drop-down menu on the Google+ bar at the top of the screen. You can also ignore someone on your incoming stream by hitting the “ignore” button next to their post. If you want to ignore more than one person at once, simply highlight all the users on your circles page and hit “ignore.”
The “block” option is a little more severe than “ignore” — a person will not be able to comment on any of your posts. You will be completely invisible to them, and they will be completely invisible to you. You can block someone directly on their profile or in any of the places the “ignore” button is available.
If you have a change of heart, blocking and ignoring a user are not permanent actions. You can unignore and unblock people on your circles page under the “more actions” option. You can also unblock someone directly from their profile and you can unignore someone by adding them back into your circles.
Google+ recently added some other updates in addition to the “ignore” and “block” features. On Thursday, they gave users the ability to view all of the friends they’ve been tagged in photos with on one page. On Wednesday, they added a feature that allows users to share Web pages directly to specific Google+ circles by using the +1 button.

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