1 Aug 2011

Google+ Hangouts, has launched a new YouTube feature.

Hangouts, the video-chatting service for Google+, has launched a new YouTube feature. The service has been integrated with Google+ since its launch in June, but previously users could only watch prerecorded YouTube videos. Now, you and your friends can watch live-streaming videos on the service together.
According to GigaOM, the new feature allows for 10 people to watch a live-streaming video over a single chat. This means that you can watch major events, like the Coachella Music Festival, with people from all over the world.

If you want to give it a try, follow these steps:
  1. Start a Hangout session in Google+ and invite your friends to join.
  2. Go to YouTube’s live-streaming page and select a live stream.
  3. Copy the YouTube video I.D. of the stream. If you don’t know where the I.D. is located, click the share button and it’s the code after the slash in the youtu.be URL.
  4. Go to Hangouts and search for the I.D. in the video tab.
  5. Click play.
It’s not particularly easy to find a video on YouTube through Hangouts, but YouTube is working on ways to create a closer integration. They plan to feature live-streaming videos in the “YouTube” tab of Hangouts and eventually have Hangouts integrated into the YouTube pages for live streams where users can view some of the available public Hangouts for that stream.
YouTube also plans to make the experience personal. When you go to a live streaming video on YouTube, you’ll be able to see which of your friends have already joined a Hangout for that video. There’s no word on when that feature will launch, but YouTube says it’s in the works.

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