3 Aug 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: The History Of Facebook Photos, Journey To 100 Billion Photos

Facebook is home to one of the largest photo-sharing services in the world. In fact, the number of photos on Facebook is likely to reach 100 billion by the end of this summer. To showcase just how big Facebook Photos has become, Pixable has published a new infographic.
The infographic highlights several key points in the history of Facebook Photos, such as the launch of the feature (October 2005), allowing you to Like photos (February 2009) and the introduction of that horrible black background that pops up when you click on a photo thumbnail (February 2011).

It also mentions the launch of a feature that lets you tag photos with brands and other Facebook Pages. In addition, the incident where a woman was tattooed with 152 of her friends’ profile photos (something that turned out to be fake) is acknowledged.
You can check out more cool info and stats about Facebook’s photo feature in this infographic.
Click the image to enlarge.
facebook photos infographic

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