26 Aug 2011

UberMedia’s Twitter App ‘Twidroyd’ Is Now ‘UberSocial For Android’

UberMedia has announced that their Twitter application Twidroyd will become UberSocial for Android starting on Thursday. The newly named application will feature all of Twidroyd’s normal functions plus new features that are specific to UberSocial applications.
UberSocial has previously been released for BlackBerry and iPhone devices, and according to UberMedia, the demand for a similar Android application lead to the launch of this new product. The change will also allow UberMedia to release updates more quickly as all applications now have closely related features.

Because Twidroyd is a widely used application, UberMedia has decided to let users keep the Twidroyd interface after the switch. If you’re a fan of the way Twidroyd looks and you don’t want to switch to UberSocial’s interface, a Twidroyd theme can be added to the application.
In the past UberSocial has had a rocky relationship with Twitter. UberMedia was forced to change the app’s name from UberTwitter to its current incarnation because it infringed on trademarks and broke API rules. Both UberSocial and Twidroyd were suspended for breaking API rules until the problem was remedied.

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