18 Sep 2011

‘Dirty Dancing’ Facebook Game Brings The Catskills To Your Computer

Get on your dancing shoes and head for the hills. Entertainment company Lionsgate has teamed up with social gaming company Social Game Universe to release a “Dirty Dancing” Facebook game based on the 1987 film of the same name.
“Dirty Dancing” allows you to team up with your Facebook friends and help build Kellerman’s Resort, offer fun activities and dances to the resort’s guests, spread romance and enjoy some music from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack. The game has a retro look, designed using pixel art, to give it an extra ’80s vibe.
In the game, you are tasked with running the resort and turning it into a romantic getaway for guests. To do this, you drop so-called “Romance Waves” around the resort to literally spread the love. You are also tasked with improving the resort using the in-game watermelon currency to buy virtual items like tennis courts and jukeboxes.
Of course, you can entertain your guests through dance shows. The more dance shows you put on, the more Romance Waves you will generate. Meanwhile, you can take pictures of your resort so you can store them in a keepsake album and share them with your Facebook friends. Additionally, you can visit your friends’ resorts and send them virtual gifts.

The movie has more than 10.9 million fans on Facebook, making it one of the 10 most-Liked entertainment franchises on the social network. It has the 9th most Likes of any movie on Facebook and has more Likes than any other ’80s movie on Facebook. Lionsgate appears to be tapping into that large user base with the launch of this game.
Curt Marvis, Lionsgate’s president of digital media, said:
We are capitalizing on new platforms to drive additional, incremental revenues for our successful brands — and Dirty Dancing, with its incredibly strong Facebook following, was a natural fit for extension into social gaming. We view this as a clear opportunity to further monetize one of our most popular brands and we will continue to identify and develop innovative brand extensions as we explore the emerging platforms of the digital marketplace.
Before starting to write this article, I took a little time to check out the game. Fairly early on during the tutorial which is designed to show you how the game works, you have to take part in a dance rehearsal which lasts for an hour in real-time, during which time you can’t do anything else. This doesn’t exactly seem like the best way to get people quickly hooked on the game. However, I’m sure it will find an audience among fans of the film.
You can check out the “Dirty Dancing” game for yourself by installing it on Facebook.

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