5 Sep 2011

New Extension Adds Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Feeds to Google+

A new extension has arrived for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The extension combines Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter feeds with your Google Plus streams. That means you don’t have to manage or browse multiple pages and feeds at once.

The new extension is called Gooce+. For those who use all of the main social networking platforms will find this extension applicable to speeding up their networking time. The name was coined with the combination of Google and Facebook. It means to “optimize” all activities on multiple social networks. Then, you can read and post contributions. You can also disseminate materials and links of the three main sites in one location.

Here are some of the things the extension can do:
•Keep unspoilt Google Plus original layout and design
•No advertising banners
•Put your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google Plus stream, complete with “Stream” links on the side and rich media
•Automatically post to Facebook whenever you share something on Google Plus
Gooce+ claims that the device is set up so you can jump right into the Google social network without a hitch.
Gooce+ can work very well Chrome users who use more than one of the social networking sites besides Google+. The fundamental aspect of Gooce+ is that it can reduce the number of open tabs in the browser by up to three for those who use all four social networking sites on a daily basis.
Even though the extension cannot mix news streams, users can click one of the icons to view their accounts in order to access their news streams right on Google+.

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