11 Sep 2011

Zynga’s New Facebook Social Game ‘Adventure World’ Is Now Live

Zynga has launched “Adventure World,” its biggest and most feature-rich social game to date, on Facebook. The game allows you to explore 5 worlds and 30 dynamic environments as you take on nasty creatures and find clues to discover the lost secrets of El Dorado.
You can customize your own 3D avatar and choose from an inventory of tools and gadgets — including machetes, grappling hooks, dynamite, whips and pickaxes — to help you pass dangerous booby traps and make your way across wild environments.
Of course, this being a Zynga game, you can recruit some Facebook friends to help you make your way across the game boards. You can control a crew of up to 12 friends and use their special tools and abilities to help you battle enemies, solve puzzles and progress through the game.

The total game board is more than 40 times the size of previous Zynga games such as “FarmVille.” There are also more art and game assets than any previous Zynga game has had at launch — for instance, you will have to contend with 5 types of snakes, 4 kinds of spiders and 2 kinds of rams as you work through the game.
“Adventure World” has more than 200 quests and there are more than 20,000 objects across its 30 maps. You can also choose from more than 10,000 avatar variations so you will be spoiled for choice when creating your avatar.
This is the first game that has been developed by the Zynga Boston studio, which created a brand new game engine for “Adventure World.” The engine includes advanced rendering technology with fast performance, high frame rates and 3D environments. It also has a world editor that allows the developers to create larger, more detailed game worlds and interactive environments with puzzle-based gameplay.

Nabeel Hyatt, general manager of Zynga Boston, said:
When we joined the Zynga family a year ago, our goal was to not only create a game unlike any other in the social gaming space today, but to create a completely new genre. We call this genre social adventure, one where players can explore, discover and team up with friends on an adventure of a lifetime. We hope our players have as much fun playing the game as we had building it.

The game, which was announced last month, is being made available in 8 languages at launch: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Norwegian. The launch of “Adventure World” follows on from several other social games and expansions to existing games that Zynga has launched in recent months. These include “The Pioneer Trail” for “FrontierVille,” “CityVille Hometown” and “Hanging With Friends,” while it has ported its popular “Words With Friends” mobile game to Facebook.

You can check “Adventure World” out for yourself by installing it on Facebook.

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