21 Oct 2011

Facebook Adding Music To List Of New Features

The world went from page me, to call me, to email me. Now its all about Facebook and a long list of social media websites. Facebook is dominating social media in many ways as it continues to grow and expand to new countries. While millions stay loyal to Facebook, there is no doubt they would go elsewhere if another platform creates the newest thing first. To stay ahead of the competition Facebook constantly creates new features that appeal to users and tap into new markets.
As Facebook introduced the world to clean design and community sharing, users made little fuss about the absence of music. Even if there is no complaints about music, it seems as if Facebook head honchos are working to provide users with new music features. This will work as a great way to keep users logged in and active on Facebook throughout the day. If the rumor is right these new features will also be a way for Facebook to enter the world of music sales and use its hold on the social media market to generate music revenues. If music sales are in the near future, Apple and its Itunes brand might be in for competition that is not so friendly.
Companies who do not carry the Apple brand should also consider Facebook to be competition. They may be running smooth now but they are directly in the sights of Facebook for good reason. Instead of creating competition for these smaller companies, Facebook has reached out and built a list of partnerships. Music based entities like MOG, Rdio, Spotify, and internet giant Rhapsody have all reportedly been named as partners of Facebook in its music venture. These new music features will allow users to download music, make playlist and also share songs with other users. It may seem like a win for Facebook but it is also a win for those companies who are working with Facebook.
These new music features will be welcomed with open arms by Facebook users. Even though insiders at Facebook have not opened up about these new music features, a program code that was found is proof of some kind. Rumor has it that Facebook will be showing off these new music features at its developer conference on September 22nd. The day these features hit the homepage you can be sure other social media websites will be buzzing with talk of Facebook.

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