28 Oct 2011

Google+ Launches New Features, Lets You See What’s Hot On Social Network [Video]

Google+ has launched several new features that will help you find what content is popular on the social network. You’ll also be able to see how posts are being shared and have some fun with your photos through a new editing tool.
The What’s Hot on Google+ feature will help you discover interesting content that’s being discussed frequently on the social network. Since Google+ users are sharing and receiving more than 1 billion posts every day, it’s often difficult to keep up with the constant flow of information and content that’s being posted by the service’s more than 40 million users. This is where the What’s Hot feature comes in.
What’s Hot is available as a standalone stream that’s accessible from a link on the left of your home page and you’ll see hot posts in your other streams too.
Yonatan Zunger, the senior engineer on the Google+ team, shows how the new feature works in this video:

by Chris Holt at Scribbal

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