20 Oct 2011

Google+ Will Soon Allow You To Use A Pseudonym Instead Of Your Real Name

Following months of discussions over the issue of identity on Google+, you will soon be allowed to use a pseudonym instead of your real name on the social network. Google‘s Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra revealed the plan at the Web 2.0 summit, which is being held in San Francisco this week.
In July, we reported that Google had been deleting several Google+ accounts which appeared to be using uncommon names. You were still able to use whatever name you liked on the social network, as long as it sounded like a real name, but the use of nicknames and pseudonyms was prohibited. The following month, Google issued a statement in which it said it was giving people who opted to use psuedonyms a 4-day grace period to start using their real name before having their account suspended.
However, it appears that the search giant has relented as it will soon allow you to use any name you like on your profile. Although Google wanted to create a community based on real names and to foster conversation under people’s real identities, the company has realized that some people have legitimate reasons for using pseudonyms and will soon let you use any name you like on your profile.
“It’s complicated to get [pseudonyms] right,” AllThingsD quotes Gundotra as saying. Google is trying to figure out how to handle pseudonyms without altering the atmosphere of the social network too much, but it’s likely that it will support pseudonyms within the next few months.
Meanwhile, Gundotra revealed that Google will soon allow brands to have accounts on Google+ in order to promote themselves on the social network, while Google Apps users will be able to sign up for a Google+ account within the next few days. He confirmed that a fully fledged developer platform is on the way, following the launch of several APIs related to public posts, Hangouts, search and comments.
Google CEO Larry Page confirmed last week that the social network has more than 40 million users while more than 3.4 billion photos have been shared on the service. Google+ launched in limited field trial in June before allowing anyone to join without an invite last month.

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