26 Oct 2011

Reddit Hits 1.8B Monthly Pageviews, /r/Funny Subreddit Snags 1M Subscribers

 Reddit has hit several fascinating milestones as the social news website continues to grow in popularity. In addition to hitting 1.8 billion monthly pageviews, one of the site’s sections (or subreddits) now has more than 1 million subscribers.
Over the last month, Reddit has seen 28 million unique visitors, who have generated 1.8 billion pageviews. That is almost double the 1 billion pageviews Reddit had at the start of this year.
The /r/funny subreddit has become the first to have more than 1 million subscribers, while 265 sections now have more than 10,000 subscribers. However, it should be noted that every new registered account is automatically subscribed to /r/funny, so it’s unclear how much value should be placed on the subreddit hitting the milestone figure.
The site’s general manager Erik Martin told The Daily Dot that approximately 80 percent to 90 percent of Reddit’s traffic comes from people who view content but do not register an account on the website.
Reddit was recently restructured to give the company a little more operational freedom while still being owned by Advance Publications, the parent company of Condé Nast. The website has been hit by controversy in recent months over the Jailbait subreddit, which featured photos of underage teens in underwear, swimsuits and lingerie. The section was closed earlier this month.
Another popular subreddit called IAmA, where users are able to ask the creator of a thread any question, was shut down by its creator and moderator in August. However, the redditor backtracked on his decision and handed control of IAmA over to another moderator.

by Chris Holt at Scribbal

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