15 Nov 2011

LinkedIn Introduces Infographic-Style Dashboard for Groups Statistics

LinkedIn introduced a new Group Statistics dashboard that breaks down the demographics and growth of groups. “Now every one of the million plus groups on LinkedIn has its own infographics,” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner posted about the dashboard on Twitter.

The Group Statistics dashboard turns information about each group into an infographic view of summarized data, which is broken down into three areas: Demographics, Growth and Activity.
Anita Lillie, LinkedIn Data Visualization Designer, explained in her blog that they designed every infographic view to focus on the chief areas to help you identify and understand how your group is doing. For instance, users can view the group’s growth, designating how many new members joined the group in the last week by viewing the graph of the group’s week-to-week expansion. The “Activity” tab indicates the number of discussions that took place inside the group. The Group Statistics dashboard also allows you to know the number of members who have received a promotion or changed jobs. Lillie says, “This data stays fresh: It’s updated every day.”
If you find any view of particular interest or an aspect that you’d like to share with a friend or colleague, you can send that view via your favorite social networking channels like LinkedIn or Twitter.
The professional social networking platform’s new feature is worth trying out. You can go to any one of their LinkedIn groups and with a few clicks see the group’s dashboard.

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