9 Nov 2011

Your Google+ Company Page: Launch & Pause

Google+ Pages are available for your company or organization. Whether you know how you’ll use it yet or not, go create yours. We can think about the promotion and practice a bit later.
One thing you do need to consider is what type of page you’ll create. There are 4 choices:
  • Local Business or Place (These pages get a map. Great for hotels, salons, taverns, landscapers . . . localized business)
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports (e.g., a recording artist, you a +Page for your book)
Once you’ve got your +Page started, then you can begin to fill things out (slowly).  I’d suggest filling out the contact information on the “About” page, maybe a few photos that show your business.
Write one short post, maybe along these lines: Thanks for “circling” our Google+ Page. We’re at the drawing board on how we’ll use this page and we’d love your input. We’re excited to be here and again, thanks for Circling us (Feel free to share this page too:-))
After you do that, then you’re ready to start thinking about how you’ll use Google+ . . . and then you can promote the page.
Quick review:
  1. Get your +Page (start here: https://plus.google.com/pages/create)
  2. Choose the type of page
  3. Fill out the contact info (maybe some photos) on the About page
  4. Write a short post of introduction
  5. Go to work (on your business, not the +Page . . . yet)
Consider this exercise like opening a business. Our “grand opening” is several days (weeks!) after we actually open.
If you’re really hungry to learn more (aren’t we all), here are some great starter points:

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