18 Dec 2011

Foursquare launches a series of city badges. First up? London, Paris, Istanbul!

Via AboutFoursquare:
Back in September, foursquare launched the Windy City badge, a core badge specifically for exploring Chicago. It turned out to be an incredibly popular badge, so they’re now starting a program to launch badges for cities around the world. First up? London, Paris and Istanbul.
To help you find places to explore and earn the badges, foursquare has created a series of lists for each of the cities that combine some great touristy spots with local hangouts to give you an authentic flavor of the city. It takes five checkins at places on the list to unlock each badge.
The new badges are:
BadgeBadge Name (and list)Unlock Text
BosphorusYou’ve traipsed across the Seven Hills and spent the morning in Europe and the afternoon in Asia. You know the Bagdat Caddesi like the back of your hand and can spot a good kebab cart a kilometer away. You’ve visited the best of Istanbul! Tebrikler!!
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London CallingFrom Buckingham Palace to Brick Lane, The Savory Hotel to Soho Square, and Downing Street to Diagon Alley, you’ve seen the city’s best... and all before teatime. Add a spoonful of sugar for us! Well done, chap.
La Ville-LumièreYou’ve picnicked avec un peu de vin by les quais de Seine, partied in République, missed le dernier métro, and taken un velib instead. From la Rive Gauche to la Rive Droite, you’ve seen it all (except Les Catacombes)! C’est un truc de ouf.
Foursquare is asking for suggestions for the next set of city badges. They’re basing their decisions on “where people go on vacation, where the foursquare community is growing, and places our community has been asking for.” They say “a ton” are in the works that will be released over the coming weeks.
City badges will almost certainly prove to be very popular. They show friends at a glance some of the cool, different places you’ve visited. They’ll also help to encourage exploration among foursquare users, which is what foursquare has been about all along.
What city do you think foursquare should add next? Why?

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