20 Dec 2011

[INFOGRAPHIC] Consumers Prefer Brand Updates Via Facebook Over Email & Traditional Ads

By Megan O'Neill at SocialTimes:
With over 800 million active users on Facebook and over 100 million active Twitter users, the way that brands interact with consumers is changing. Consumers are looking for more from brands online, and are giving back by liking and sharing brand content with their ever-growing networks. A new infographic from AYTM explores ‘Branding And How It Works In The Social Media Age’, including statistics about how consumers are interacting with brands on Facebook and Twitter, what consumers expect from brands and more.

According to the infographic, 58 percent of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook and 29 percent of Twitter users follow a brand on Twitter. Users want to communicate with and talk about brands—brands just have to give them a reason!

The infographic also goes into sentiment, outreach and more, but one of the key things that I took away was the fact that customers prefer getting updates from their favorite brands via Facebook and Twitter over emails, traditional offline ads, mailed flyers, blogs and press releases, videos and audio. 32 percent said they prefer getting updates from brands via short updates on Facebook and Twitter while only 27 percent preferred emails and 22 percent preferred traditional offline ads.

Check out the full infographic below to find out more and let us know what you think. How is your brand using social media? If you’re interested in learning more about social media for brands, check out Get Satisfaction’s infographic on What Makes People Want To Follow A Brand.
Source: http://socialtimes.com/consumers-prefer-brand-updates-via-facebook-over-email-traditional-ads-infographic_b86628

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