27 Jan 2012

World Map Of Social Networks

by at DigitalTimes.ie:
The rise and rise of Facebook is a media phenomenon on a scale never witnessed before. The world’s most populated social network is pretty much conquering every country it enters. Italian blogger and digital strategist Vincenzo Cosenza’s latest ‘World Map of Social Networks’ is an excellent illustration of Facebook’s increasing dominance. Cosenza tracks Facebook’s activity in 136 countries and it is currently the number one social network in 127 of these.

According to Facebook’s Ad Platform, Facebook has over 223 million users in Europe, 219 million in the US and over 202 million in Asia. Even though Facebook is still banned in China, Cosenza believes the network will soon register its one billionth user. This is likely to happen before the Summer of 2012.
Facebook’s all conquering stride is quickly reducing the number of top social networks around the globe. In June 2009 there were 17 social networks that held the number one spot in at least one country. By June 2011 there were just nine and by December 2011 Facebook had reduced this number to six.
The remaining six social networks that can claim a number one spot are Facebook, Zing, Ozone, V Kontakte, Odnoklassinki and Drauglem.
The biggest scalp Facebook took recently was Google’s Orkut network in Brazil. It remains to be seen how long it will take before Facebook literally conquers the world. Not long it appears.

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