14 Feb 2012

Marketing Your Consumer-Based Business On Pinterest

Danny Sullivan’s fairly new site, MarketingLand.com, took a look at Pinternest today to break down how the site can be used for consumer based marketing.
“For businesses that cater to men and women between the ages of 25 to 44, Pinterest is the ideal digital medium to get involved in.
Furthermore, even though 25 to 44 is the fastest-growing age group, users outside of the demographic can still be seen as active users on the site.”
Some of the key companies they identified that should be considering the site as a marketing channel were not all that surprising:
  1. E-commerce websites
  2. Fashion
  3. Food
  4. Home decor
 wrote the article and also suggests that almost any niche that create appealing visual content should be testing out Pinterest.
Anyone who has created infographic content for their business knows this to be true.

via How To Market Your Consumer-Based Business On Pinterest.

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