28 Feb 2012

StumbleUpon Gets NFC Sharing & More On Android; Rolls Out New UI Across Platforms

By Rip Empson at TechCrunch:
At The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, StumbleUpon, the veteran content discovery platform, will be announcing “its first major integration with Android,” says Co-founder Garrett Camp. What does that mean? Well, nearly as we can tell, Google is calling on a handful of apps at MWC to showcase the new integration possibilities (with Google+ and other Google products) that are part of Android 4.0 — otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Android will be featuring (promoting) StumbleUpon at MWC, thanks to some new updates to its Android app that go live today.
For some quick background, in October, StumbleUpon brought its tablet experience to Android, and then not long after, pushed a major redesign, in which it offered a new streamlined user experience, improvements to its recommendation algorithms, as well as the introduction of brand channels.
StumbleUpon is endeavoring to add a level of serendipity into the way people discover content on the Web, by way of its “Stumble” button, which takes users to random (yet personalized) articles, blog entries, etc. that can be specified by topic, like “Technology or “Arts,” for example. Introducing brand channels allows users to follow, say, ESPN so that when clicking “Stumble,” users begin seeing ESPN in their sports content.

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