30 Mar 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: The Social Media Statistics Of Fortune 500 Companies

By Shea Bennett at Media Bistro:
Did you know that 62 percent of Fortune 500 companies have an active corporate Twitter account? Perhaps surprisingly, this is ahead of those with an active Facebook Page (58 percent), but collectively the rapid growth of these channels, as well as the proliferation of corporate blogging (which, while still a force, has been stalled by the social media rise), is indicative of a broader, sweeping change in the ways that businesses are using these tools to connect and engage with their customers. Which is great news not only for the end user, who is now empowered to liaise with brands directly (and openly), demanding better service and products, but also for marketers, who can tailor and scale campaigns to a degree that is unparalleled in history. This infographic from Go Gulf takes a closer look at the social media statistics of Fortune 500 companies.

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