7 Mar 2012

Opera Mini browser finally makes it onto BlackBerry App World

Via GoMo News:
Although it has actually been compatible with the BlackBerry OS for some years, the Opera Mini browser has finally made it onto the BlackBerry App World app store. Savvy BlackBerry users have been saving money on their data plans by downloading it manually from http://m.opera.com. Having it made easily accessible on the official BlackBerry App World should ensure much wider usage if nothing else than the fact that consumers trust the official download sites for their brand of mobile OS. You have to wonder why it has taken so long to happen? Perhaps RIM is waking up to harsh commercial realities?Why would you want to use the Opera Mini browser instead of the regular BlackBerry browser?
The answer is that thanks to Opera’s technology, the handset only needs to transport around ten per cent of the data to the smartphone compared to standard operation.
Secondly, the Opera browser displays the pages to look more like they do in a standard desktop browser.
What also makes the Opera browser more enticing is the use of hot keys that make page-up and page-down viewing much faster.

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