24 Apr 2012

Facebook Acquires 650 AOL Patents From Microsoft

Facebook reached an agreement with Microsoft to acquire about 650 of the 925 or so patents and patent applications the software giant acquired from AOL earlier this month.
Microsoft shelled out more than $1 billion for ownership of or the right to assign some 925 patents and patent applications from AOL, and it will recoup about one-half of that from the social network, which will pay $550 million in cash for approximately 650 AOL patents and patent applications, as well as a license to the Microsoft-owned AOL patents and applications.

The move today marks the latest step in the complex relationship between Facebook, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo. Facebook is currently embroiled in a controversial patent-infringement lawsuit filed by Yahoo in March. Meanwhile, last September, AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft joined forces to challenge Facebook on the online display advertising revenue front.

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