1 Jun 2012

Facebook Promoted Posts [A Step-By-Step Guide]

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Want to Promote a Post?
Click "Promote" to open this drop-down menu. Clicking on the denomination pulls up another drop-down menu.


Denomination Drop-Down
This menu lets you select the amount of money you'd like to put toward promotion, and it calculates the estimated reach for each amount.

Add a Funding Source
If you don't have a credit card or PayPal account on file, Facebook will prompt you to enter payment info.

Credit Card Payment
A pop-up window will ask for credit card information.

Locked and Loaded
When you're ready to publish the post, you'll see the promotion locked in.

The Live Post
When the post is live, Brand Page admins can see a notation on the bottom right that explicates the promotion cost; this is not seen by fans. However, Promoted Posts will be noted as "Sponsored" in users' news feeds.

Promoted Post in a News Feed
This is what the post looks like in your fan's news feed. (Note: Facebook's guide to Promoted Posts says the post will say "Sponsored" in news feeds, but that is not what we experienced in our test run.)

Once the post is live, you can click the "Promoted" button to see some statistics, such as "paid reach" and "budget spent" thus far. Promoted Posts last for 3 days, so the widget also lets you know when the promotion will expire. Clicking the settings button in this menu lets you change payment info or stop the promotion (which you can resume later).

Real-Time Insights
You can refresh the page to see how effective your promotion is. Less than 30 minutes after posting, these are the stats we saw on a small business Brand Page.

Number of Fans Reached
Hovering over the "X people reached" hyperlink gives you a sense of the organic, viral and paid impressions generated by the post.

Percent of Fans Reached
Hover over the hyperlinked % statistic tells you what percentage of your fan base saw the post, and how much of that was driven by the paid promotion. A few minutes later, this statistic had jumped from 17% to 20%.

Promote an Already-Live Post
You can promote an already-live post, which is a great feature -- you can make sure the image or video looks right before you commit to spending money on it.

Promoted Posts Must Be Recent
Since the news feed algorithm focuses on new and popular posts, you can't promote a post that's more than three days old. You'll see this warning when you hover over the bottom, right-hand corner of a post.

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