1 Jun 2012

Find Your Facebook and Twitter Friends on Tumblr with The New [LOOKUP] Page

By Sarah Perez at TechCrunch:
Popular blogging platform Tumblr has quietly introduced a minor, but notable new feature: a better way to find contacts through your other social networking services or Gmail. On the page available at Tumblr.com/lookup you can now connect your Gmail, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to find all your friends’ Tumblr blogs.

Handy. Well, handy if you’re the one doing the looking, I suppose. As Buzzfeed’s community moderator Ryan Broderick hilariously tweeted, “Great, thanks to the new http://www.tumblr.com/lookup/ page all my friends will find my One Direction fanblog I moderate!”

Oh and yes they will, too. Because it appears that the option to remove yourself from social discovery is opt-out. While Tumblr doesn’t appear to have made an official announcement on this new feature yet (at least via the official Tumblr blog, that is), the company did tweet, err…re-tweet, about the addition yesterday. And today, responding to an outraged user via Twitter, the Tumblr account tweeted back “if you don’t want your Facebook or twitter linked, just uncheck the box in your settings.”

Read the full article here

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