29 Jun 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Pinterest vs. Facebook …On Twitter

Twitter users are more engaged with Pinterest than Facebook, according to data visualization community Visual.ly. In this infographic, see how @pinterest and @facebook compare in terms of demographics, number of followers, and interactions on Twitter.

Although Pinterest and Facebook have thriving communities of their own, each company maintains a strong presence on the microblogging site, where they can post updates that link back to their blogs.  That’s because Twitter is where people go for news. (The exception of course, being Mark Zuckerberg’s double announcement of the Facebook IPO and his marriage to Priscilla Chan on his own Facebook page.)

To create this infographic, the Visual.ly team pulled data on each account from People Browsr and the Twitter API to create a side-by-side comparison of each social network’s followers on Twitter. Facebook still dominates the landscape with 4.06 million followers. Pinterest, by comparison, only has 832,700. (Neither company seems to follow very many people back.)

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  1. In my opinion it depends, Pinterest and Facebook have different functions when it comes to bringing traffic to a site. In my opinion, it’s Facebook.

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