26 Jun 2012

Yahoo Deal With Spotify, Replacing Rhapsody

By Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch: 
Here’s an interesting twist for Yahoo, the beleaguered internet company, and Spotify, the upstart streaming music service that is taking the market by storm: today the two have announced a global deal, in which Yahoo will integrate and promote Spotify’s music service on the Yahoo Media network; and Spotify will get a Yahoo app on its platform. The move shows how Spotify is teaming up with a big, old-school internet player in an effort to ramp up its user numbers, and how Yahoo is looking to new blood to rejuvenate itself. But it is also a big blow for Rhapsody, which Spotify will now be replacing as Yahoo’s music streaming partner, a spokesperson has confirmed to TechCrunch.

The deal will see Spotify first rolling out to Yahoo Music. Later it will also start appearing in other verticals within the media network, including Yahoo Movies and omg!, says Yahoo. That represents a much wider-ranging agreement than the one Rhapsody had with Yahoo since 2008.

Yahoo says the app that it will create for Spotify’s platform will feature original, music-related content created by Yahoo — artist profiles, musical programs and other features. Spotify has 10 million users of its service. The app is due out later this year, the companies say.

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