15 Jun 2012

YouTube Is Exploring Paid Subscriptions

By at Mashable:  
Eager to define itself as a major entertainment player, YouTube is exploring charging subscriptions for cable content, the company’s chief said on Thursday.

Google, which has already pledged $100 million to create a slew of premium video channels on YouTube is exploring the idea of charging subsciptions for cable network providers that are looking for syndication outside of traditional cable service operators.

Salar Kamangar, Google svp of YouTube and video, told Reuters that YouTube could be a venue for cable networks with small audiences that want to offer their content on an a la carte basis. “We don’t have anything to announce now. It is something that’s really important to a lot of our top existing content creators as well as ones that aren’t on YouTube today, so we’re taking very seriously and we’re thinking about it very carefully,” said Kamangar.

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