24 Jul 2012

5 Tips To Writing Better Blog Posts

By Radhika Roy : 
As an affiliate, you know the importance of content in terms of your overall success. In other words, the better your posts, the more traffic you receive and the more sales you make. To help you make the most of your writing efforts, take a look at these five tips to better blog posts:
Talk like your customers
No matter what you're writing about, no one likes to feel talked down to. Avoid this by removing jargon from your posts and communicating casually.
Write great headlines
Readers need to be enticed to click on your post, so create a headline that grabs their attention, either by asking a question, creating a list or using catchy words.
Identify and solve a problem.
Write about topics that provide relevant insights into questions or concerns that your readers have ? try to provide utility or entertainment, if possible.
Make your post digestible.
Most users don't read every word of your blog post. Help them get the main idea by breaking your post into chunks, utilizing headers and bullet points.
Practice, practice, practice.
The more you write, the better you'll get, so keep at it. You'll soon start writing posts much faster and with more confidence, which always leads to better content.
By using these tips, you'll help turn your blog into a traffic driving, selling machine. And that, of course, makes writing better posts more enjoyable than ever.
Happy selling!

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