25 Jul 2012

Facebook Mobile Game Users Play Longer, Spend More

By at Inside Social Games:
Mobile game players logged in via Facebook generate more revenue for developers, Facebook Games Strategic Partner Manager Sara Brooks said today during a Casual Connect presentation.

The session, titled “Unlock New Frontiers of Growth with Facebook,” primarily covered the expansion of Facebook-based social games into both established casual game genres and into international territories. At the end of the presentation, however, Brooks shared interesting statistics reported by mobile game developers that feature Facebook-enabled logins and viral sharing tools. According to Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader developer Ludia, mobile users logged in through Facebook generate 70 percent of the game’s revenue for the platform. Roughly 50 percent of its total mobile player base is logged in via Facebook. Bingo Bash developer BitRhymes Inc. reported that its Facebook mobile players engage in 65 percent more sessions, play 30 percent longer and spend up to 80 percent more than non-logged in players.

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