Tumblr is one step closer to building an advertising business within the cozy blogging community known for single-subject blogs and animated pictures.

The Next Web reports that Union Metrics, the social analytics company behind TweetReach, has secured access to Tumblr’s firehose to create the social network’s first official analytics platform. Tumblr marketing and revenue consultant Rick Webb announced the news at today’s Advertising Week keynote in New York City while onstage with Union Metrics CEO Hayes Davis.

Union Metrics will pull information from Tumblr through social data company Gnip. With 75 million blogs, 32 billion posts, and more than 70 million new posts on the blogging site per day, someone has to make sense of all that data.

Available by invite only, Union Metrics for Tumblr can help bloggers determine what kind of content resonates with their readers; marketers can use it to learn what people in their target demographic like to read. Here are some of the things that the tool will be able to measure:

  • Top Posts
  • Top Tags
  • Popular Contributors
  • Top Curators (People Who Reblog Content)
  • Top Amplifiers (People Who Reblog the Rebloggers)
  • A Reblog Tree to Visualize How Content Spreads

Tumblr has been selling ads since May 2012. Said Tumblr VP of product Derek Gottfrid at the Social Curation Summit in July, “We put brands on an equal footing with users. The challenge is how to capture user value.”

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