12 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Twitter Study Reveals the Secret to Getting More Followers

By at Mashable:
After analyzing the Twitter profiles of 36 million users who have generated more than 28 billion tweets (that’s 794 tweets per person in three years on average), Beevolve’s social analytics research reveals user follower bases directly correlate with how much they tweet.

A Twitter user who has written 1 to 1000 tweets has an average of 51 to 100 followers, whereas users who have tweeted more than 10,000 times tend to be followed by 1,001 to 5000 individuals. It’s estimated that a person with more than 15,000 tweets has between 100,001 to 1 million followers.

Beevolve’s report called “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Around the World” takes a look at users’ demographics, follower stats, gender preferences, favorite keywords and smartphone/app preferences.

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