12 Oct 2012

YouTube Mobile Views Up 400% In 18 Months

“We’re experiencing a massive consumer shift,” said YouTube’s Global Head of Content, Robert Kyncl, at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit this week.  Consumers are watching more online video on mobile devices than ever before and, as a result, “mobile has increased from 6% to 25% in the last 18 months across the whole of YouTube.”

Business Insider’s Owen Thomas reports that “that figure is up dramatically from the latest official statistics YouTube provides.”  According to the YouTube Press Statistics page, traffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011, over 20% of YouTube’s global views came from mobile devices and 3 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube per minute from mobile devices.  The stats page has not yet been updated with the 25% statistic that Kyncl revealed in Abu Dhabi.

According to Katherine Rushton of The Telegraph, Kyncl added that mobile will soon eclipse TV.  While holding up his smartphone he said, “This is the first screen, so when you talk about second screen, you are talking about the television.  When you’re making your selections on your phone and you’re sending them to the TV, something that is coming very soon [on a mainstream basis], when that transition is seamless, this becomes the first screen.”

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