26 Mar 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

In the last year, Cloud Storage Providers (CSPs) delivered over an exabyte of data under contract. This astonishing growth heralds a new era for how storage is delivered and consumed. After months of testing, hundreds of engineer man-hours, and countless discussions with the cloud storage providers, the team at Nasuni is ready to declare one cloud storage provider better than all the others.

This Infographic is Published by Nasuni

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  1. Is this for real? OMG! 1 Trillion objects stored in Amazon? How's that possible? This is so unbelievable! There are a lot of Iphone users all over the world, imagine how many people use the Cloud to store their data and imagine how many files each person has.

  2. Wow, I can hardly believe all these stats! And to think that a trillion objects were recorded almost a year ago! Imagine how many objects and gigabytes it has reached by now! It is amazing and impressive how much the technology in data storage has developed over the years. I think that we have actually reached the sky’s limit in data storage. The cloud storage term itself actually seems to have claimed it already.

    Doug Leven

  3. The advancement of cloud storage has been a great help to those industries using large networks and have a vast chain of command. It became easier for them to gather the needed information and disseminate documents to different departments. It wouldn't be shocking to know that there are trillion files that have been uploaded and downloaded for the past years since cloud storage systems were the best pick for those important documents.