24 Mar 2013

Pinfluencer Is Now Piqora As It Preps To Add Tumblr, Twitter Into Its Social Marketing Net

By Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch:
Pinfluencer, one of the many sites that have sprouted up to help companies track Pinterest usage, is today announcing a rebranding to Piqora, a move that the company says fits with its wider strategy to mine information not just from Pinterest and Facebook, but other image-based social networks like Tumblr, Polyvore and Twitter. To go along with its longer term social marketing ambitions, it is also spreading its product wings with the launch of Gallery, which lets brands, retailers and other businesses take products that get pinned elsewhere and aggregate and show them on their own sites.

The two moves come as Pinterest slowly gears up to take more commercial control of its massive data stream of consumers pinning branded content, and brands and other businesses trying to use the wildly popular social network to push their products.

The change to Piqora, says CEO Sharad Verma, was for a couple of reasons. First, lots of wordplay, eg, it brings to mind “pics”, short for pictures, as well as “pick”, reminiscent of the curating role that many play on sites like Pinterest, and IQ for analytics.

Secondly, he says it was also made to set itself apart from the number of other pun-tastic, Pinterest-referencing branded companies in the bunfight for offering analytics, marketing services, influence/sentiment analysis and more, and to also get the company itself away from being too tied to Pinterest by association. “There are a lot of companies in that bucket whose names start with ‘pin,’ and we don’t want to be confused with being a ‘Klout for Pinterest,’” he told TechCrunch. They may have also had a quiet nudge from Pinterest itself there, too, since the company these days discourages businesses from using “Pin” in their names. “But also, eventually we are going to be a multi-platform company.”

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