6 Jun 2013

Rich Pins On #Pinterest: What You Need to Know

Pinterest keeps rolling out new features and testing new ideas. More often than not, the new features are added with you, the consumer, in mind. There have been lots of great new changes for the business owner as well. I love their proactive attitude when it comes to developing new features, as well as their attentive response to their consumers. I recently learned about “more useful pins”, a new kind of pin rolled out by Pinterest the end of May.
What are they?
“More useful pins” are found in three categories: productsrecipes andmovies. What sets these apart from a regular pin is that each pin provides additional information to the consumer. According to Pinterest, you can find these pins and this additional information in your feed; you can tell when a pin has more information via an icon that appears below the image. Click on the icon and you arrive at the website where you find more than a simple product image, simple recipe or movie description.
For each mentioned category, the ‘more useful pin’ benefits are as follows:
Products: real time pricing (updated daily), availability of the product(s), and where to buy the product.
Recipes: list of ingredients, cooking times, serving information and tips to make it look just like the picture.
Movies: Ratings, list of cast members and movie reviews.
To check out what such a pin actually looks like, check out this example of a board full of “more useful” pins.
As you can tell from this board and the links, these are some big companies using Pinterest to sell, and drive traffic. So is there a way for you to get “more useful pins” yourself? Yes. For the business owner they are called ‘rich pins’ and you need to apply to Pinterest to get them on your boards and to get them approved.
To get started with ‘rich pins’, you’ll need to do some prep work on your website. This includes adding meta tags and testing out your rich pins before applying to Pinterest. And Pinterest suggests: “If you’re not technical, you might want to ask your developer or site owner to help get you going!”
To get a look at how to get started with rich pins, follow this link.
Will you be applying for rich pins on your Pinterest business account?

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