21 Jul 2013

7 Kinds of Social Media Fans and Ways to Interact With Them

If you are trying to build a better social media marketing positioning, making your engagement with your fans and followers is essential in order to promote a better stance in promoting your brand or business in the social media sites. Your ability to deal with your social media fans will depend upon your understanding regarding their behavior and learning how to deal with them in a professional manner. Some of your fans may be loyal, grateful and encouraging while others may become very highly critical and annoying. Regardless of what kind of behavior they may have, you need to learn how to interact with them in a way that will help promote or protect your business or brand better. Here are the 7 kinds of social media fans and how to interact with them more effectively.

1.     The Perk Seeking Fan
This kind of social media fan is always in search for the best deals available for grabs. He will always be in search for lots of perks that will be highly beneficial for his money. This is a deal go- getter kind of fan that will always make purchases based on the best deal offers that they can find online. In order to attract this kind of social media fan, you need to offer great promotion deals, discount coupons and other freebies more often to keep his loyalty.

2.     The Silent Fan
This kind of fan is the silent type who may be following your business or brand but is not an active customer. Most of the time, they follow you because some of their friends do but does not perform productive action that will benefit your business but does not cause any harm on your site as well. In order to make a silent social media fan an active one, you can improve your website content by introducing interesting videos, content and images that will likely engage them to be an active fan instead of being a passive one.

3.     The Casual Fan
This is a social media fan type who was engaged in your business in the past and continues to connect with your brand mainly because of past purchases. They continue to boost your social media visibility by continuing to like your business and gives good recommendation to their friends. In order to make him level up from a casual liker to an active fan, your challenge would be to offer more creative and fresh products and services that he may want to avail of and to further recommend them to his circle of friends.

4.     The complainer
This is a type of a social media user, not actually a fan, who likes to rant and complain. While he is not necessarily a fan or an active customer, you can interact with them professionally by not ranting back but politely answer issues concerning about your products and services. Perhaps an explanation will pacify them and might convince them to patronize your brand. Do not attempt to answer issues not related to your products in order to avoid unnecessary and irrelevant matters beyond your concern.

5.     The cheerer
This kind of a social media fan is someone who likes to promote, cheer and recommend your brand to their friends. Since this fan is active in promoting your products and services, you can make use of their help in recommending your business in the social media network by offering worthwhile offers that will entice them to promote the same to the social media network. This kind of a fan will help drive your community growth and increases the awareness of your brand within the social media community.

6.    The unhappy customer
This is a fan who openly shares their bad experiences in their social media. The negative things that an unhappy fan will share in the social media community can damage your reputation therefore you need to act immediately to contain the damage. Continuously monitor your social media page and act upon the negative comments about your business and respond to it professionally with clarification to clear some issues. Your quick response is essential in order to reduce the extent of the bad publicity about your products and services.

7.     The loyalist
This is a very loyal social media fan that gives support to your business all the way. They like to recommend your products and services to the public whether offline or online and give your business constructive criticisms and praise. They are always ready to defend your business against its detractors. In order to keep your loyal fans, give recognition for their loyalty by offering them gifts of appreciation for their positive comments and support for your marketing efforts. Your loyalist fans are assets to your business and you need to consistently recognize them and reward them for their loyalty.

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